27 May 2006

Cleanup Crew

Ok, I'm breaking with tradition here and posting a photo of little T.

A particularly thoughtful board member gave T-Fav a series of extraordinarily high-quality spit cloths - some monogrammed, others in the spirit of:

Toby and I had a fun day together; we went out for sushi, played at home, and then went to Starbucks to read about optics for two whole hours! I would've gone home earlier, but he was really curious about raytracing techniques, so I had to stay.

Toby rocks.


ps By the way, I want to report (to "food review sites" that might actually be read, soon) that Toraya is IMHO the best sushi in Arlington and Cambridge, certainly beating out Mr. Sushi and Cafe Sushi, and perhaps equivalent to Bluefin for "price / quality" mix. In particular, Toraya's lunchtime sashimi bento is unreal. In a meticulously arranged box, I got something like 14 pieces of sashimi, a wonderful array of side dishes (potato ball, many Japanese pickles, pickled mushroom, egg, daikon, fried chicken (!)), a fine green salad with a "real" salad dressing (not the orange stuff), miso soup, and a finely-shaped large helping of rice. Honest, run to Toraya on Mass Ave in Arlington, near Arlington High School.

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