10 May 2006

Escape from Cubicle Nation

This great blog from Pamela Slim, Get a Life Blog, has insightful and right-to-the-point essays about making corporate life more bearable for employees.

Check out the beginning of her post, "Open Letter to [CxO]s..."
I am writing to you as a newly minted rebel. My main purpose in life is to take your best, your brightest, most creative, hard-working and passionate employees and sneak them out the hallways of your large corporation so that they are free of the yoke of lethargy, oppression and resentment.

It hasn't always been this way. I tried for many years as a consultant to YOU to explain the importance of treating your employees with dignity and respect. I encouraged you to speak clearly and to the point, to avoid endless hours of PowerPoint, buzzwords and meaningless jargon like "our employees are our most valuable asset." I was sincere in my efforts as I coached your managers and explained the importance of providing objective, developmental feedback to employees that was based on observable behavior, not personal generalizations. I encouraged you to be open with your business strategy so that your employees could contribute ideas to grow your company.
She then provides a top 10 list of suggestions to CEOs, CTOs, COOs, etc. on how to retain employees. Read her article here.

And remember to come back to her main page to check out "Open letter to employees across the corporate world."

Thanks, yet again, to Guy Kawasaki's blog for the pointer.


ps Are you reading Seth Godin's blog on marketing yet?

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