14 May 2006


Enough misanthropy, huh? I liked it better before I had cable, too.

Back to our regularly-scheduled techno-linking:

Rainy Day Experiments
As Prof. B wondered, no, I doubt it'll stop raining in New England any time soon. I think Wunderground proclaimed at least seven straight days of rain. Here is a site with videos and music worth watching to pass the time:

The Graffiti Research Lab made "LED Throwies," hundreds of tiny, magnetic, glowing, battery-included motes which their electro/artist/vandals hurled onto the sides of buildings. Check the movie. (That's the same song in the Sony home-electronics commercial in which hundreds of thousands of bouncy balls darted down a San Francisco street. It's also the same song played in my local Starbucks tonight, which is "Heartbeats" by Jose Gonzalez.)

Information Visualization
Check out infosthetics.com for "data visualization & visual culture - information aesthetics."


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