22 May 2006


I have emerged from a lengthy work project & am back to the post-10pm blog.

Apple Store (yeah, I know, but...)
On the Edge site, Woz, Dvorak, Lanier, and others comment on the NYC Apple store. No, this certainly isn't required reading.

Recent Marketing Bits from Seth Godin's Blog
Re:the awful NYC Department of Transportation website. About the marketing genius of Trader Joe's (this piece, I didn't like so much, but what do I know.) Good suggestions about designing your trade show presence.

Katamari Damacy
In case you're living underground, this video game entails rolling around a giant ball of junk. Word to Norvin.

Anyone know what's new with the Tenori-On LED matrix portable personal musical instrument?

Guy Kawasaki: Now That You've Got the Money...
Here is a list of issues (what if sales suck? what if you have to demote the founder?) and Guy's suggestions for startups that may face once they've raised money.

That sentence was awful. Linguist friends, help.



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