29 May 2006

Optics Got Me on the Wiki Bandwagon

What else does one do in 80-degree weather on a holiday weekend than write and edit online scientific articles?

Ironically, I'm a laggard when it comes to learning some new technologies, such as editing Wikis (you know, publicly-editable online documents like encyclopedias). It's a stretch to call the markup code a "technology," but hey, it's new. Newish. Ok, I'm a laggard, but at least I finally got with it.

The kind people over at the Holography Forum BBS asked me to contribute an article on 3-D perception (why me? I don't know! But it was good for my ego.) on their new holography-centric Wiki - HoloWiki - with introductory articles on holograms, optical science, and 3-D perception. HoloWiki article on 3-D perception.

And that's not all...

To my surprise, there was already a nascent article about volumetric 3-D displays on Wikipedia.org. After scratching my head, I spent a few hours - uh... - recontextualizing - the existing content and adding some of my own.

So there you have it.


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JMK said...

Pretty sure the Wiki guy is fan of Rachael Ray. I'm just sayin.