16 May 2006


Over the past few days I've been trying to understand [embarassing basic thing in optics] from this cool book I found in a used book store: Engineering Optics (Springer Verlag) by Keigo Iizuka. Poking around on the web in search of help, I found:

Lecture notes for MIT 2.71 (Fall 2004) - Optics - Prof. Barbastathis
I ran across the complete lecture notes, exams, and reading list for MIT's Optics course online - free - from MIT's OpenCourseWare. It appears to be really excellent. Unfortunately many illustrations were removed "for copyright reasons," including significant parts of the holography lecture. But I'm looking forward to reading through this. They covered quite a bit of material per class period... Problem Set 1 [PDF] covers "why is the sky blue?" Hey, it's reputed that Feynman got that wrong on his PhD defense.

Okay, fess up
Who took my copy of Goodman's Introduction to Fourier Optics?

Let's Hear it for Professional Development
University of Rochester has a series of summer courses on optics. I'll be there for one of those...

Optical Neural Net Paper
Okay, it's from 1994, but looks interesting because it's "adaptive." The site has a PDF link to the paper. Hey, look, lots of papers like that.

Realizing that maybe only three optics-folk actually read this blog,

ps What is it with Blogger & Mac Safari lately? For the last few months, when I try to enter a hyperlink, a little hyperlink logo appears in the body of the post, along with quite a bit of HTML gobbledygook. Just wondering.

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Professor B said...

Dude, it was me. I totally have your Intro Optics book. I've been reading it in the bathroom. Sorry.