12 May 2006

Rachael Ray: "Yay" or "Nay"?

Look, I'm sorry, I usually use this webspace as a tourist information center for scientific and artsy web surfing. But now that J-Fav and I have cable - and TiVo - I have been infected with awareness of one "Rachael Ray" and her $40 a Day traveling-eatery TV show.


I cannot stand Ms. Ray's hyperebullience. Her manic hand-waving. Her thoughtfully selecting the most pedestrain of foods at outdoor stands and exclaiming, "Wow! This MUFFIN! It's got tart CRANBERRIES!"

Don't get me wrong - I enjoy the premise of the show, and I value good meal deals as much as the next guy. But her upstate NY wholesomeness has been overrun by what comes off as a phony, Hollywood, condescending...


Please, please, let me know if your blood curdles at the sight of her. I am worried that my sensitivity or snobbishness is turned up to 11. After all, the dear J-Fav seems to be immune, and she - well, actually, she has a much greater tolerance for such things. Bad example.

There are even websites fueled by this: the Rachael Ray Sucks Community, heck even the Food Network's Rachael Ray message board is overrun by Ray-antagonists. And if Jofish and Jim proclaim their disdain, then maybe I'm on the right track. But she's so successful. And evidently so focused; she's on Oprah, she has multiple TV shows, she has cookbooks. It takes talent to pull that off, right?

What do you think?

Lurkers, friends, unite.



RH said...

Hmmm. I'm torn. Sometimes when I get home after a shitty day, I just need some mindless crap like "30-Minute Meals" to help me unwind. Then again, my hero and love-of-my-life Anthony Bourdain (last name rhymes with 'disdain' -- coincidence??) absolutely abhors RR, and because some day I will marry him, I must remain faithful to the cause. So I hate her. Plus she's just so damn cute and bubbly. Wench.

wubbahed said...

C'mon, how can you harsh on one of "Time Magazine's Top 100 People Who Shape Our World".

Yup, it's true. I saw that online and nearly barfed.

JMK said...

I guess there won't be any regular '30 minute meals' viewings a la '24' once we're in Boston.

Dude- I've only seen this level of animosity manifest itself around 'Game' time. I had no idea you were capable of such loathing. I can definitely understand where your sentiments are coming from, but give the woman a break. She's just trying to make it in the area she loves.

I liked it better when you didn't have cable.

Ian said...

Ever have one of those embarrassing celebrity crushes that you're loath to admit?

Yeah. (I know!)

Anonymous said...

Ian, I think the sudden vitriol inspired by RR is actually indicative of my dear husband's not-entirely-repressed celebrity crush. Those upstate NY girls, they get under his skin. :)


TroopOfChimps said...

I haven't seen her show. But I've read some of her recipes. Pedestrian. Any hype seems misplaced. Also she spells her first name wrong. A cheap imitation of the true domestic superstars of upstate NY.

G-Fav said...

JMK, actually, this vitriol is simply excess in anticipation of The Game, and I apologize for needing to point that vitriol at some hapless TV chef.

Some hapless, goofy, bizarre, ... AUGH! Sorry. Lost control again.

Well, um, it appears that the results of this Internet poll are 0:48 against Ms. Ray. There shall be no recount.


RockinRonD said...

Rumor--the dish, so to speak--has it she's gay. Do with that info what you will.

Michelle said...

Found you through this link http://rachel-ray-info.blogspot.com/
but don't try to comment back when you go there. For some reason they never actually PUBLISH the comments. Hmmm... probably more anti-RR ppl commenting there than supporters, and I guess that would be kinda embarrassing to the person who is idolizing her. Anyway, my comments on $40AD. Who CAN'T get by on $40 a day? That's my question. And really, who hasn't heard of Fodor's? Can't you just go by the regular ol' library and check one out for free? And don't they have things like restaurants? Plus, we have the internet. You can find just about anything online, and if you can't, well, do a search for a book on off the beaten path restaurants in *wherever you are going* and I bet something will pop up. Suffice it to say, I can do without her recommendations. Anyone who uses that much EVOO on everything she makes, probably can't even taste what she is eating.