04 June 2006

28 1/2 Songs to Choose From

Here are 28+ songs for a change of pace, for improving your ride to work, for resonating with difficult times you're going through, for hearing something new. Just 'cuz.

With links to the iTunes store, because we're all lazy.

Footnotes contain embarrassing personal admissions.

Alternative (actually, this is my "best find of 2006" so far)
"Heartbeats," Jose Gonzalez, Veneer [iTunes] [1]
"Deadweight on Velveteen," Jose Gonzalez, Veneer [iTunes]

"A Letter from Home," B. Fleischmann, Welcome Tourist [iTunes]

"Older Chests," Damien Rice, O [iTunes]
"Cold Water," Damien Rice, O [iTunes]
"Comfortably Numb," Dar Williams, My Better Self [iTunes]
"Little Wings," Kris Delmhorst, Five Stories [Free MP3 from artist]
"Lullaby 101," Kris Delmhorst, Five Stories [2]

"Bring the Noise," Public Enemy, Power to the People & the Beats (greatest hits) [iTunes]
"Damn it Feels Good to Be A Gangster," Geto Boys, Uncut Dope [iTunes] [3]
"No Tears," Scarface, Office Space soundtrack
"Lose Yourself," Eminem, 8 Mile (soundtrack) [iTunes] [4]

"Piggy (Nothing Can Stop Me Now)," Nine Inch Nails, Further Down The Spiral [iTunes]
"Eraser (polite)," Nine Inch Nails, Further Down The Spiral [iTunes]

"So What," Miles Davis, Kind of Blue [iTunes]

"Heaven," Bryan Adams, So Far so Good [iTunes]
"Name," The Goo Goo Dolls, A Boy Named Goo [iTunes]
"Faithfully," Journey, Greatest Hits [iTunes]
"When the Levee Breaks," Led Zeppelin, IV [go to the freakin' store]
"Small Town," Pearl Jam, 04/19/03: North America - #27 Atlanta [iTunes]
"Lead a Normal Life," Peter Gabriel, Peter Gabriel [iTunes] [5]
"Right Here," Staind, Chapter V [iTunes]
"Fields of Gold," Sting, Best of [iTunes]
"Plush," Stone Temple Pilots, Core [iTunes]
"Bad," U2, The Unforgettable Fire [iTunes]
"Numb," U2, Zooropa [iTunes]
"Eminence Front," The Who, It's Hard (remastered) [iTunes] [6]
"In the Dark," Billy Squier, Don't Say No [iTunes] (also, "Lonely is theNight") [7]

[1] I admit to listening to this 4 times in a row at work last week. I apologize to my cubemates.
[2] Tearjerker. Haven't heard Kris yet? In person? My goodness, I don't even respond to much folk music, but this, this... Please, get out there and do so. And Richard Shindell, while you're at it.
[3] I learn my rap from the movie "Office Space." Also, this is a surprisingly good song to play loud in one's car when feeling overwhelmed.
[4] I can't believe I like this guy's music. I predict you'll enjoy this song if you're trying hard to pull something off, like get a Ph.D., or start a company, or do just about anything.
[5] The very isolationist, depressing, freaky lyrics to this once hung in my senior year dorm room.
[6] I limit the number of times I hear this song because I am afraid that I'll stop finding it so moving.
[7] Even more so, for sentimental reasons that I will never make light of.

play very loud. cheer up. enjoy.


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