02 June 2006

more Nerdcore Computer Science Rap

CS Rap: The Pimping Lemma

Stanford's "Monzy" produced another piece of nerdcore gangsta' computer science rap in an effort to get a response from his East Coast rivals.

"The Pimping Lemma" [lyrics and MP3] is dedicated to the women of CS. It features lyrics such as:
I'm accumulating cuties from across the nation, | Pull 'em in like neighbors in a Delaunay triangulation, | I got hoes from different area codes and IP ranges, | Swap 'em round like VMMs making page exchanges, | Yeah I round 'em up like ceil() and I add 'em to my stable | And I offer them a spliff from off my hash table.

Monzy updates us in his blog.

Optics Rap

Watch out, sucka' 3-D engineers, G-Remedy's comin' to git'cha...


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