04 June 2006

Weekend Update

(Welcome to Beantown, Fergusbergs!)

Attention-Juggling, again
In today's online New York Times, "Attention-Juggling in the High-Tech Office." An excerpt of this brief piece:

Q. Do all the distractions mean that people don't have time to think deeply about what they're doing?

A. There is certainly some indication that in middle to upper management, that can be a problem. If you don't properly organize your thinking and your time, you can end up concentrating on the urgent rather than the important. You can get tied up being a traffic cop in terms of answering e-mails, when in fact those things can be answered later. Management, particularly the more senior management, needs time to think.
Yes, the online NYT went through a relatively recent redesign. Like the look. Hate the slowdown.

I'm an unsigned long int and you're an 8-bit char
Even a year later, I'm still laughing at the CS rap So Much Drama in the PhD.

Citing Technical References: Technical Writing Handbook
Personal preference: what writer's reference gives the best advice for multiple referencing schemes, like APA, IEEE, and MLA? I spent a while @ B&N with T-Fav and chose a handbook written by MIT professors: The Mayfield Handbook of Technical and Scientific Writing. It has style sheets for reports, memos, and agendas, grammar guides, and concise advice about literature citing. It is online for free and is available at Amazon.

It contains many examples of technical reports and illustration-types pulled from real texts at NASA JPL and MIT.

Maybe Overlooked Magazines: Science, Design
There are a few magazines at your bookstore (B&N, Borders) that may have missed your glance & I recommend you check out:

Seed Magazine is a science magazine that appears to be well-researched, have good depth, and also has stunning and creative graphic design / layout.

I.D. - The International Design Magazine. This is what I review every month for high-end industrial design (i.e. new products found anywhere from the supermarket to the office supply store to new medical devices), graphic design, etc. This is a different publication than i-D.

New American Paintings. A guilty pleasure of mine, this small softcover publication highlights 3 works each of maybe 30 artists; I end up liking 10% of them & check out the prices in the back. I feel like I could build a good-quality contemporary art gallery from the work in this magazine alone.

Wallpaper*. A snooty, hipper-than-thou international publication about architecture, fashion, and design. Reviewers on Amazon warn that subscriptions are unreliable.

Make. A thick, glossy, fun, readable, electronic do-it-yourselfer. Make a robot out of your mouse! Convert your VCR into a timed cat-food dispenser! Get into digital graffitti with LED throwies! Single issues are costly: $14.99 (or thereabouts), compared to a whole year (4 issues) for $34.99.

Other design-related pubs I like: Print, ARTFORUM (contemporary stuff), and Communication Arts.


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