27 July 2006

Anthony Bourdain - Quebec

Not much to add tonight other than the extraordinary shock of seeing a family of very-Northern-Canadians sitting on their kitchen floor with Anthony Bourdain, hands and faces covered in blood, devouring what looked like a barely-cooked seal.


Yes, our favorite gourmande, (the Travel Channel's) Anthony Bourdain, did Quebec.

Note to self: Au Pied de Cochon, bastion of foie (website, review), and la Banquise (for poutine, which Bourdain visits "to experience this conceptually nightmarish, but thoroughly wonderful gastronomic trainwreck.") [poutine reviews, incl. Banquise]

I miss Montreal.

By the way - and this always catches my eye when walking down Ste. Catherine - what are those lips on that billboard? Here is a Flickr photo. And another. Canadians? Anyone know?


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Anonymous said...

o i like that poutine reviews page. wish i'd seen that one before. brill.

inspires me to get my buffalo chicken wings and philly cheese steak reviews in the glorious state they should be.