29 July 2006

Old School Linkz

Toby's sleeping, J-Fav's out. Time for some links.

We're Here, We're on Fire, Get Used to It
: Brief humor piece on McSweeneys.

Pandora: 12 hours later the free personalized Internet radio station is still great fun. Feel free to check out my stations using favalora (at) gmail.com .

SIGGRAPH 2006: Computer graphics conference, expo, art gallery, and emerging technologies haven. Plus: a teapot exhibit (an explanation for the non-graphics people).

Aside: Grr. On Mac OS X 10.3.9 with Firefox 1.0.7 & Blogger, why do the following two errors happen nearly every time I post? (1) Adding a hyperlink sometimes injects a tiny icon into the composition pane and spew span code gunk into the HTML? and (2) returning to a saved Draft yields nested composition panes with wacko scrollbars?

The Best American Short Stories of the Decade (ed. John Updike): Wonderful presnt from N&R. [Amazon]

The Mind Map Book (T. Buzan, B. Buzan): Purchased @ B&N last night in case there's something to this stuff. At the moment it seems like replacing indented outlines with radial graphs, but the reader is scolded for thinking that. I can see how the added dimensions of color, texture, etc. help the note-maker. Want to try it. Am put off that the word "Map" in the title is followed by a registered trademark symbol.

What a tokhes!
Online reference of common Yiddish words so that I may emulate my grandma for Toby.

Want a turkey leg with that? The only thing better than a symposium on holography is a symposium on holography held in various castles in Wales. The 7th Int'l. Symposium on Display Holography. Blog with photos - of famous folk wearing medieval garb.

Note to self: Watt, S. J., Akeley, K., Ernst, M. O., & Banks, M. S. (2005). Focus cues affect perceived depth. Journal of Vision, 5(10), 834-862.

Illegal Wireless Hotspot Hacks
. Spoofing TMobile, etc. Reason to be cautious when online @ your local cafe.

This is a really good one: Arthur Schopenhauer's "Die Kunst, Recht zu behalten - The Art of Controversy." A list and discussion of techniques to be mindful of when arguing (Generalize your Opponent's Specific Statements, Conceal your Game, Claim Victory Despite Defeat, State a False Syllogism).

Have a good weekend. 90F here in New England.


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