27 August 2006

Panera, Web 2.0, and Toby

The Favalora-Panera Conjecture
If the Starbucks Corporation ran Au Bon Pain, it would be Panera. 'nuff said.

Web 2.0
One of the things J-Fav catches me saying when I'm in a crabby, ironically-not-futurist mood is, "I can't stand all this Web 2.0 stuff." Then she asks, "What's Web 2.0 again?" According to O'Reilly, it's the mass of websites that emerged after the dust settled from the dotcom explosion (the "Web 1.0"). Here are a few nausea-inducing examples from their handy list:

[this on Web 1.0] is like [this on Web 2.0]
Doubleclick -> Google AdSense
Ofoto -> Flickr
Britannica Online -> Wikipedia
stickiness -> syndication
evite -> upcoming.org and EVDB (evite is out??? what's upcoming.org???)

I nearly gagged when I scrolled down for to their "Web 2.0 Meme Map." Speaking of gagging...

And Now for Something Completely Different

This brings us to something much more important: Toby's first non-milk meal! Hooray! As indicated in our raft of baby books, it's time to move your kid to solid foods when you feel bad eating dinner in front of them. Toby watches us longingly at the kitchen table, and even drinks from mom's water glass. So - break out the rice cereal, here comes a life of good eats:

"Hey, mom, that's good stuff!"

Sometimes Toby helps me carry my books downstairs when we go out on the town. Here he's planning on catching up on abstract algebra.

He must've gotten hungry, though; he took the book from me in the park and started eating it! Now we have a wet-cornered math book.

"Mmm, Dad! Those commutative operators sure taste good!"



TroopOfChimps said...

Hey, Toby's reading about abstract algebra? That's funny, so's Nick. I KNEW those two boys had something in common.

Anonymous said...

hey, you're right! and Nick eats cereal for every meal, too!