09 August 2006

They Know What You've Been Searching, So Be Good for Goodness' Sake...

AOL Search
CNet News article on AOL's briefly releasing a database, tagged by User ID, of what people searched for on AOL. With commentary. (Why do they release this stuff?) "AOL's disturbing glimpse into users' lives"

Studying Ants, for Robots - @ Technion (Israel)
Alfred Brookstein's publications

How to Make the Simplest Electric Motor (10k rpm!)
From Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories

Interview with Carver Mead, one of my Engineering Idols
Interview at Laputan Logic, quoted from American Spectator. Including discussion of his theory of quantum mechanics. (Carver Mead, a friend of the Moore family, coined the phrase "Moore's Law" after Gordon Moore's seminal paper on semiconductor density vs. cost; wrote the textbook on VLSI (i.e. contemporary) chip design; helped found a field of electrical engineering - neuromorphic engineering - that makes biologically-inspired circuitry; founded Synaptics, the firm that probably made the touchpad on your laptop / iBook / iPod / whatever; founded Foveon; etc. Carver Mead is awesome.)

Want to learn more?

  • Video interview @ MIT Lemelson Foundation
  • Wikipedia: Carver Mead
  • His book casting E&M and quantum in one viewpoint [amazon]
  • The book on neuromorphic engineering, in case you want to make a silicon retina [amazon]
  • Mead and Conway's classic VLSI textbook ca. 1979 [amazon]

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