19 August 2006

Toby's Baptism

This weekend, 4-month-old Toby was baptized at J-Fav's church in upstate NY.

We threw caution to the wind and outfitted him in his great-grandpa's [correction: great-great-grandpa's] baptism gown - from 1880. It was quite a number:

Here we are, ready to go:

Not being Catholic, I didn't realize how he needed to be facing once it was time for the water-dippin'. After a humorous baby-flipping up on the altar, the priest wet Toby's head...

We present... Tobias John!

(Dear future-Toby: sorry about the gown. But it sure looked awesome.)



TroopOfChimps said...

I think future-Toby will be delighted with that gown.

Anonymous said...

not to put too fine a point on it, but it's his great-great-grandfather's gown, making him the fifth generation and making us five times as glad he didn't spit up or poop in it!


Flavia said...

I love it!

We had baptisms today at my church, so it was *almost* like attending Toby's.

Alexandra said...

Wonderful and good for you to throw caution to the wind. We did the same thing for Katrina's baptism and she looked lovely. I really like putting them in something that has been passed down the generations!

Daddy Vin said...

One proud family.