27 September 2006

We interrupt this for a Brief Ego Moment...

I appeared in an article within the premier issue of 02138 magazine, a new publication that covers the doings of... well, at the risk of alienating my Yalie home-team friends, I'll let you figure it out. But I think the title of the piece is neat, and I enjoyed working with the journalist, Lindsey McCormack, who asked a lot of questions to understand the technology and the background of the company.


Some Links

Looking Back in Dotcom Time
An early job posting for Amazon.com in 1994.

It's daytime... almost all day?
The days are getting shorter and night is getting longer. I couldn't locate the elegant "hourglass" diagram of this effect, but here is an illustration (for kids?) of the situations for folks in Alaska. check out the first figure on this page.

Planets? Where?
The crisp weather may clear the air, which is great for spotting planets before it becomes too cold. Check out Sky and Telescope magazine's "This Week's Sky at a Glance" complete with "This Week's Planet Roundup."

9 Months of Gestation in 20 Seconds
On YouTube (found on GeekPress.com)

MIT's Unmanned Micro Swarming Helicopters
You gotta see this. With photo + video. (NewScientist)

Will Your Mattress Weigh Twice as Much in 10 Years Due to Dust Mites?
Find out.

with that....


23 September 2006

Genius Grants / Genius Rappers / "White & Nerdy"

MacArthur Fellows / "Genius Grants"
The 2006 fellows are announced here, each receiving $500,000 paid quarterly over five years with no stipulations on its use.

Want to be a Rap Star? With your iBook?
A few web sites with tips or products for connecting audio inputs (microphones) to the USB port.

Griffin iMic ($39.99)
Reviews of the Roland UA-30 USB Audio Interface [harmony-central.com]
Sound Devices's USBPre Microphone Interface

And here's where to find Cubase SE3 recording / multi-track software from Steinberg Media Technologies (or their Studio Case II software).

A discussion on [macintouch.com] about Mac Audio Recording.

Does anyone have ideas for other inexpensive Mac OS X software for audio recording and simple editing? (For example, taking audio in from a drumset and a microphone.)

Weird Al's "White & Nerdy"
Here's the video on YouTube. Gotta like a rap video that features the Schrodinger Wave Equation. (As usual, YouTube videos play better if you hit "pause," let it load, and then hit "play.") Y'alls.


19 September 2006

A Blog Entry

Hello -

J-Fav and the Toberama have returned from a one-week vacation (well, "vacation") around here, with a brief visit to upstate New York. We enjoyed returning to the contemporary art museum Mass MoCA for the current exhibits; Toby got a kick out of every piece. (Art makes him laugh.) (Like, really laugh.) My folks visited, and we took them to DeCordova to wander around the outdoor sculpture action. Which, of course, Toby laughed at.

I am back now, back in the world of optics, patents, and medical imaging.

I leave you with a few links:

  • Thanks, Scurvey Norvin, for pointing out the "how to speak Pirate" video at the humor site Loading Ready Run. I enjoyed "pimp your seat," too.
  • Not a link, but rather "WTF?". Have you been following today's news in Thailand?
  • The street sign for the Hairpin Turn in North Adams, MA is so unusual that it makes me laugh. It'd make you laugh, too, if I could find it. But I can't. All I can find online is this wonderfully obsessive photo-documenting of the road sign typography of Rt. 2! (Something tells me Jofish will enjoy this.)
  • I... ah, never mind with the links. My iBook G3 running Firefox is feeling slower than a TRS-80. What gives? Maybe it's time for a new machine. This is nuts.

A brief note, worthy of your esteemed examination

My brother points us all to: this hopefully liquid moment.


10 September 2006

The top 35 innovators under the age of 35

Congratulations to Josh Napoli of Actuality Systems for inclusion in this year's MIT Technology Review magazine's TR35, which names the top innovators under 35 from around the world!

Josh is being recognized for his contributions to the development of high-resolution 3-D displays for medical procedure planning, such as radiation oncology. (The complete list of winners.)


09 September 2006

Microsoft makes a school in Philly

[CNN.com] article - Philadelphia approached Microsoft to design a new school system for their students (er... "learners") based on Microsoft management techniques. No library; there's an interactive something-or-other. No books, there's laptops. Here's the story.

I hope someone talks to the Project for School Innovation to pick up on what J-Fav's learned about making inner-city schools successful: parental involvement! For example, the Robert L. Ford School in Lynn, MA.