19 September 2006

A Blog Entry

Hello -

J-Fav and the Toberama have returned from a one-week vacation (well, "vacation") around here, with a brief visit to upstate New York. We enjoyed returning to the contemporary art museum Mass MoCA for the current exhibits; Toby got a kick out of every piece. (Art makes him laugh.) (Like, really laugh.) My folks visited, and we took them to DeCordova to wander around the outdoor sculpture action. Which, of course, Toby laughed at.

I am back now, back in the world of optics, patents, and medical imaging.

I leave you with a few links:

  • Thanks, Scurvey Norvin, for pointing out the "how to speak Pirate" video at the humor site Loading Ready Run. I enjoyed "pimp your seat," too.
  • Not a link, but rather "WTF?". Have you been following today's news in Thailand?
  • The street sign for the Hairpin Turn in North Adams, MA is so unusual that it makes me laugh. It'd make you laugh, too, if I could find it. But I can't. All I can find online is this wonderfully obsessive photo-documenting of the road sign typography of Rt. 2! (Something tells me Jofish will enjoy this.)
  • I... ah, never mind with the links. My iBook G3 running Firefox is feeling slower than a TRS-80. What gives? Maybe it's time for a new machine. This is nuts.


Anonymous said...

it's *amazing*.


TroopOfChimps said...

I have been following the Thailand news with great distress. When we were there, everyone was so gung-ho pro-King, and we were skeptical but could produce no grounds for our skepticism; now, what do you know! suddenly we've got data.