23 September 2006

Genius Grants / Genius Rappers / "White & Nerdy"

MacArthur Fellows / "Genius Grants"
The 2006 fellows are announced here, each receiving $500,000 paid quarterly over five years with no stipulations on its use.

Want to be a Rap Star? With your iBook?
A few web sites with tips or products for connecting audio inputs (microphones) to the USB port.

Griffin iMic ($39.99)
Reviews of the Roland UA-30 USB Audio Interface [harmony-central.com]
Sound Devices's USBPre Microphone Interface

And here's where to find Cubase SE3 recording / multi-track software from Steinberg Media Technologies (or their Studio Case II software).

A discussion on [macintouch.com] about Mac Audio Recording.

Does anyone have ideas for other inexpensive Mac OS X software for audio recording and simple editing? (For example, taking audio in from a drumset and a microphone.)

Weird Al's "White & Nerdy"
Here's the video on YouTube. Gotta like a rap video that features the Schrodinger Wave Equation. (As usual, YouTube videos play better if you hit "pause," let it load, and then hit "play.") Y'alls.


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TroopOfChimps said...

I am IN LOVE with the "White and Nerdy" video. Honestly. I mean-- wait, is that supposed to be funny?