27 September 2006

Some Links

Looking Back in Dotcom Time
An early job posting for Amazon.com in 1994.

It's daytime... almost all day?
The days are getting shorter and night is getting longer. I couldn't locate the elegant "hourglass" diagram of this effect, but here is an illustration (for kids?) of the situations for folks in Alaska. check out the first figure on this page.

Planets? Where?
The crisp weather may clear the air, which is great for spotting planets before it becomes too cold. Check out Sky and Telescope magazine's "This Week's Sky at a Glance" complete with "This Week's Planet Roundup."

9 Months of Gestation in 20 Seconds
On YouTube (found on GeekPress.com)

MIT's Unmanned Micro Swarming Helicopters
You gotta see this. With photo + video. (NewScientist)

Will Your Mattress Weigh Twice as Much in 10 Years Due to Dust Mites?
Find out.

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