01 October 2006

Better Online Weather Forecast

NOAA Weather
The NOAA has a fast-loading, detail-packed weather forecast site. Go to www.srh.noaa.gov, enter your ZIP code in the upper left, and bookmark the resulting page.

Ever since college - say, 1993 - I've used the Weather Underground [www.wunderground.com]. I finally replaced the bookmark in my browser; the site loads too slowly, has many ads, and hides the stuff I want to see too far down the page.

Google trick: for instant weather, type " weather 06520 " (say) into your Google search window.

(How are ZIP codes arranged?) Ben Fry - zipdecode

Ever wonder how ZIP codes are distributed spatially on the map?
  • Go to http://acg.media.mit.edu/people/fry/zipdecode/
  • Hit the "z" key when the map appears
  • Type the first digit of your ZIP code
  • Type the second digit of your ZIP code
  • ...and so on
  • (I think the delete key works, too, if you change your mind)
I've mention him before, but Ben Fry is an alumnus of Maeda's group at the Media Lab. Some of his many information-visualization projects are here at the ACG site. I like "mario soup" and his "fluid mixing" simulation.

CNN's "Upgraded" Shock Reporting
As J-Fav might confirm, I'm not one for analyzing news sites. But have you noticed over the last few weeks that CNN.com's journalists are embedding sensationalist-sounding links to video versions of news pieces? For example, concerning a recent trial of the Rhode Island club owners (and the 100 victims burned in the club fire during a rock show), CNN.com says:

Shortly before the judge imposed the sentence, Jeffrey Derderian tearfully apologized for the heartache he had caused and recounted the chaotic scene. (Watch Jeffrey Derderian break down as he relives the horror -- 1:16 )

Is that video clip descriptor really appropriate? Here's the story.

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