24 October 2006

Confusing Entry in the Fog of Sickness

Not sure this blog will ever win an award for intelligibility, but you're warned nonetheless. I have a cold or a flu that waxes and wanes every 6 hours - here's to the wonders of TheraFlu. (And Airborne, and Advil, and...)

Funky Dinner Challenge
Quick! You have three defrosted pork chops, chicken stock, blackberry red wine, honey, and stuff-from-a-pantry. What do you do?

Somehow I threw together sauteed chops (w/olive oil & butter) and a wine sauce with the above and chicken stock, & reduced it down. Not bad!

Test Your Rap-Q
Daddy Vinn (experimental physicist) called the other day and asked, "Hey, do you know about rap?"

"Why, yes I do."

"What's that song with 'Engine, engine, number 9, on the New York Transit Line, if my train goes off the track, pick it up pick it up pick it up...'?"

answer [iTunes]

I forgot how many samples from that song were also lodged in my head: "You can get with this, you can get with that..."

Perhaps RM can illuminate if I used the nested "'", "?", and """ correctly.

Aap! Global - Alternative Advertising Technology
Aap! Global develops technologies for advertising, such as this animation visible within moving subway cars.

And: "MIT Advertising Lab: blog on the future of advertising."

An Unfortunate (Fortunate?) Ad Placement
Perhaps the folks from the MIT Tech are messing with us, but I thought the placement of our "Got Voxels?" computer programming job advertisement was curious! Heck, it'll get noticed. (page 12)

A Sometimes Funny and Often Prurient Cartoon
The webcomic xkcd:

(Less funny, but instructive: a picture book of Fourier transforms.)

The Dual Scanning Laser Camera

Someone else implemented the stuff from Sen's paper to read the face of a playing card with a camera that wasn't able to see the playing card itself.

CNN.com: "Flat-panels rule, old boob tube all but dead"

According to CNN.com:

By next year, the tube TV will cede its crown of dominance to LCD sets for the
first time, according to the market research firm iSuppli Corp. Sales of CRTs
will fall from an estimated 14.4 million units this year to 10.4 million in
2007, while sales of LCD TVs are predicted to rise from 10.9 million units to
17.8 million.

This Will Make Sense Perhaps to Five People
Which is why it's at the end. I threatened Bert that he'd best not plagiarize, since Flavia's plage-dar is active, and then he sang something from some song, or perhaps from a movie, followed by a sea shanty. Look out Bert! Flavia gives me a commission on this stuff!

"Not you Sean, not you!"

Dang, I'm next!



Flavia said...

Uh, it doesn't make sense to me, but I CAN tell you that it's a "sea chanty" (as in, something you chant) rather than a "shanty."

jofish said...

That Tech placement is excellent. Glad someone's awake there.

G-Fav said...

Drat! It's really "chanty"? Not surprised; when I was younger I used to pronounce "misled" as "mizzled."


Anonymous said...

My wife used to faht in her sleep.


RLM said...

Just chiming in to say four things:

1) I very much enjoyed the placement of your ad in The Tech.

2) There was one of those motion-poster ads on the Red Line a while back -- on one side of the harvard stop but I forget which side. I thought it was awesome though.

3) I, too, notice whether turn signals are in sync or slightly off, and wait for them to sync up again for a few seconds.

4) As far as I can tell, you correctly nested all your punctuation marks in the transcript of the Daddy Vinn conversation. :)

Anonymous said...

OMG. Perhaps I should write all my postings while sick!

JMK: "Allegedly, what I am saying is your situation will be concurrently improved if I had two hundred dollars in my pocket right now."