04 October 2006

(More) Absolutely Incredible Drummers

Drum Solos / Duets
  • Terry Bozzio / Chad Wackerman [QT movie] (Is it just me, or does that drum set look quite... complete? Oh, and; Bozzio is quite the man when it comes to drumming over complex ostinatos.)
  • Carter Beauford [streaming .M3U] (drummer for the Dave Matthews Band)
  • John Bonham! Moby Dick! John Bonham! Moby Dick! [QT video]
  • Philly Joe Jones [video] Nonchalant much?
  • Max Roach with cool hi-hat work. Lucky I got to see him in Sprague Hall in college. Okay, those are two vast understatements.

John Bonham! Moby Dick! John Bonham! Moby Dick! ...


JMK said...

Check out Art Blakey and Billy Higgins. Oh yeah, and Cindy Blackman is pretty bad ass. She was Lenny Kravitz's drummer.

Matt said...

Christian Vander, Drummer for Magma is extraordinary, and a great bandleader to boot. If you can take lyrics in a made up language, there may be no better living drummer.

Matt said...

Here are some examples of CV in action.
The first one shows Vander as part of a group, where he is at his best:

This second one is a solo and a little frightening:

hey, where're the pictures of the little guy?


G-Fav said...

Woah... Here's a dictionary of his language.