14 November 2006

A silly 199th post

And now for several moments of levity.

A video
"Amateur" by Lasse Gjertsen, a brief video of an "amateur" drummer/pianist pieced together from I-can't-imagine how many clips. I just like it as an art clip. (Dunno if BB reads this blog, but this reminds me of the music video directing style for Art of Noise's "Close to the Edit.") It also reminds me of that wacky clip RLM found of the French horn-honking comedian.

Another video
More oobleck/non-Newtonian fluid madness. A deep vat filled with the stuff - that people walk across. I didn't believe it until halfway though. The video (thanks, NN).

It is always time for McSweeney's Reviews of New Food. Can you find the one written by Safiri? And, there's always the review for "Powerblast Energy Powder."

Here's to hoping I have something deep to say for the 200th post.


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Anonymous said...

You're 200th post can coincide with a discourse on your favorite time of the year. The Game!!!!