29 December 2006

Holiday Photos

J-Fav, Toby, and I returned from some holiday travel to our families (with a new and miraculously small Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T10).

Last night we hung out with the Fergusbergs, playing Pictionary and making LED Throwies. As those of you who know them would have guessed, they applied this stuff to create the latest in fashion. Here are some photos of Toby and our luminous creations.

This reminds me of a much better version of those "How big is the Earth compared to the Sun?" illustrations in our dusty old elementary school science books.

Drink the Kool-Aid
"10 Ways to Build a Cult-Like Following" (Mind Power News)

Happy Holidays, everyone!



jofish said...

those are awesome pix.

a very merry christmas indeed to you all!

Crispy Herb Polenta said...

Speaking of planetary scale models, I wonder if you know the "Community Solar System" model centered on the Planetarium at the Science Museum? I found it by accident on the web. I don't think the distances look quite right though, and also Saturn and Neptune appear to have gone missing, which could really cause some serious havoc in the Oort Cloud, which is probably out in the Berkshires or somewhere.

On a similar note at the smaller end of the scale spectrum, there's this.