19 December 2006

Puzzles, Physics, Music, and Road Rage

A Joke
Heisenberg was out for a drive when a police officer pulled him over. "Do you know how fast you were going?"

"No," Heisenberg replied, "but I know exactly where I am."

Speaking of Heisenberg, here's the only puzzle I ever wrote. Some people solved it in just a few hours, if that.

Do you like puzzles? Marvel in retrospect at the many instructionless visual, auditory, and tactile problems of the 2003 MIT Mystery Hunt, co-organized by several of you dear readers and J-Fav. Commentary on several years of the Mystery Hunt by John Owens.

The puzzle Art Gallery makes me laugh. Some of you are pictured...

Harvard String Theorist and Biologist
Google video (free, streaming) of Charlie Rose interview: Lisa Randall and Edward O. Wilson.

Bad Drivers, Beware!
As seen on CNN, Platewire posts your complaints about bad drivers and their license plate numbers. Here's the Mass. page.

Evolution Textbook Stickers
Oy, vey.

Casino Math
From the Univ. of Las Vegas, Nevada. Learn about the odds.

New Music for You
Six months later, I still love Pandora.

Hang with me for a sec here. Over the six months, I've clicked "bookmark this song" for a variety of brash electronica, soothing ambient stuff, and pop. You can listen to snippets of each by clicking the little arrow "play" button at my publicly available profile. There are many artists here -- like "Jaya Radhe", which sounds to me like a mix of Enya and Indian music -- or "Come Alive" which never fails to improve my mood -- or good ol' raunchy and loud Primus, which was perfect for being in the office on a Sunday.

Yes, most of what I've bookmarked is trance electronica, which is what I bet permeates optics and electronics labs. J-Fav calls that my "thump thump beeping" music.

Tribute to New Orleans
Music video for U2 / Green Day's "The Saints are Coming." Give it a chance.


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