26 January 2007

BrainTech, 06520, and Phase Velocity

At MIT, Joost Bonsen and Ed Boyden's new class: Neurotechnology Ventures. Yes, you heard that correctly: "...a new seminar and project-related course on the challenges of envisioning, planning, and building startups to bring neuroengineering innovations to the world."

Ed's scanned notebooks, or "Everything I Learned at MIT," quite an interesting math-science array. See middle of page.

My new favorite 2 minute, 21 second song: "Level" by The Raconteurs. Groove-licious!

Seth Godin's (Marketing) Levels of Effort blog post.

Pretty faucet design by Sun Liang.

The nerd equivalent of the disparaging, "That athlete didn't really break the record, he was on performance-enhancing drugs!" is "They didn't slow down light, it was just the phase velocity, not the group velocity!" (Or is it the other way around?) Anyway, here's what this optics smackdown usually pertains to.

Months later, still have that Numa Numa song stuck in my head. [Even sillier version here. Why is Ronald McDonald riding a donkey? Don't ask me.]

06520-2848 blog which alternately praises and ridicules the doings of Yalies.

Go on, humor me. Check out that Raconteurs song.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I know I'm whiny, but if all he learnt at MIT was

a) in class
b) in math + science classes
then someone needs to go and beat Ed over the head and introduce him to the wide and wonderful world of people and social science and things that don't have answers.

Good song, tho.