12 January 2007

Dinner, Caitlin Roran, Phyllotaxis, Car GPS, and Buzzwords

Hello -

The books I mentioned in the last posting have started arriving, and they will keep me busy for a bit. But I can't help but share the following.

Imagine my surprise when I found that not only is there a WikiPedia entry about people trying to deduce the whereabouts and identity of gmail's Ms. Roran, but that it points right here! J-Fav and I agreed that it would be entirely appropriate to invite Caitlin to dinner, even if there's a chance that she's already inundated with requests like that, or would be creeped out, or whatever.

Long story short, after some back-and-forth, and a lot of over-modesty, J-Fav and I had the opportunity to have a really fun dinner. To assuage online fans of Caitlin Roran, she approved putting up a photo. (No, it was neither sushi nor a BBQ!)

Caitlin Roran dinner

In other news -

Your Old Friend Phyllotaxis

If you've ever wondered about why plant stems grow in patterns, you may enjoy this page out of Wolfram's A New Kind of Science. Also, see this deeper work by Douady and Couder, "Phyllotaxis as a Dynamical Self-Organizing Process: Part I..."


CIO Magazine arrives free at our office. Its articles and advertisements crack me up with a heavy dose of IT-buzzword-itis and such abbreviated ad copy that it's as if everyone knows about "cross-platform synergies." Here are some examples of ads and phrases on their website:

  • Lean how to renegotiate and future-proof your outsourcing arrangements
  • Check out this pro-active approach to process outsourcing efficiency and business agility!
  • Learn how Sybase 365 enables directory services through SMS
  • Boost your computing power for higher performance and better business alignment

Visualization Methods

A "periodic table" of visualization methods that's making its way around the web. Unusually broad collection of techniques, even though many smack of things I'd cringe seeing in a stereotypical Fortune 500 boardroom.

A (Much Better) Car GPS

CNet award-winning "Dash" is an upcoming vehicular GPS that updates its maps wirelessly, shares a continuous stream of data about road conditions, and modifies your route based on traffic! It even knows about year-road historic road speeds.

Colbert on CES


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