21 January 2007

Wii, Bjork, Cold's Kryptonite, Big Cool Art Piece

Hello from really cold near-Boston, Mass.

Wii Are Family...
We got a Nintendo Wii and are having a lot of fun with it, particularly playing golf (believe it or not) and trying to get through 200 five-second-long minigames in the extraordinarily creative WarioWare Smooth Moves. Am trying to figure out the Wii Zelda game, a member of the you're-an-elf-on-a-conquest-but-need-a-sword-and-gold video game genre that 16 year-olds are great at, but which I am a bit behind in mastering. (I believe that I am a nerd who lacks most nerd qualifications, such as Linux programming, and "nunchuck skills" per Napoleon Dynamite.)

This heart-warming and goofy Bjork video also includes an unusual cat. Makes me wonder what Eddie does when we're away. "Triumph of the Heart." Stop clicking for 5 minutes and check it out.

Zinc is the New Kryptonite... for the Common Cold
Ok, I'm a believer: Cold-EEZE. Scientific stuff about zinc significantly reducing the duration of your cold.

A hyper-realistic environment built by a contemporary artist
The museum Mass MoCA has a tantalizing description of why the latest exhbition in a football field-sized room is taking so long:

"'While MASS MoCA is known for undertaking intricate and dramatically-scaled installations, this one is an order-of-magnitude more complex than anything we have attempted up to now, requiring, among other things, vast cement walls comprised of over 2 miles of cinder block, an immaculately detailed cinema, and thousands of specific found objects, some of which weigh over 20 tons" said MASS MoCA Director Joseph Thompson. ' Because of these logistical challenges and some technical snags, the museum needs a bit more time to provide the support this extraordinary work deserves: we do not want to shortchange the quality of what promises to be a landmark work of art for lack of a few extra weeks.' "

See a page about the art of Christoph Buchel. Looks cool!

Ok, back to the zinc.


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