21 February 2007

More high-tech graffiti, and other links

Graffiti Research Lab

From the people who brought you LED Throwies: Post-Circuit Board. Sure, it's just a 555 and conductive paint, but it's probably exactly the wrong idea in terms of terror scares.

Much cooler idea: L.A.S.E.R. Tag. Projecting imagery onto buildings with a DLP projector, as guided by a laser pointer.

Lorem Ipsum
Ever wonder about the default text that comes with graphic design software?

Harvard's Math 55: Wicked Hahd!
Article in the Harvard Crimson about a notorious and difficult math course. Maybe now I shouldn't feel so bad about not having been able to finish reading the text book over the last few years.

History of Electronic Arts
"We See Farther," in Gamasutra.com.

"Seven steps to remarkable customer service"
by Joel on Software

Science vs. Faith
This picture has been making the rounds. It's inflammatory enough that I probably shouldn't propagate it; from www.wellingtongrey.net/miscellanea.

Behind the scenes, working at Netflix.

Unbearable Jealousy (does Dave Shechner read this?)
I am having trouble coping with the fact that I won't be attending TED 2007. Check out that list of speakers! Here are some brief talks from last year: inventor Saul Griffith (3-D self assembly, biology...), and MIT Media Lab's Neil Gershenfeld (the revolution of personalized fabrication).



RLM said...

Inflammatory or not, the science vs. faith picture gave me a good chuckle. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for using my image, but would you mind providing a link to either the page it came from (http://www.wellingtongrey.net/miscellanea/archive/2007-01-15%20--%20science%20vs%20faith.html) or the main site (http://www.wellingtongrey.net/miscellanea/) instead of just linking to the image directly?

Thank you,


Anonymous said...

About missing TED - at least you'll be saved from commenting on Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's successful career on the ol' gridiron.

- The "real" Ted.