22 February 2007

Musical Interlude

Have a decent web connection? Here are nine videos from YouTube:

Some electric guitar shredding:


  • Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich "Drum Battle" (Sure, Buddy's single-stroke rolls are amazing, but I still prefer Krupa)
  • Blue Man Group, doing a cover of The Who's "Baba O'Riley"
  • Blue Man Group, "Drumbone"

And something that followed me in my Walkman everywhere I went... in 7th grade. I know it's weird, but give it a chance:

  • "Who am I?" by Peter Kruder (also, you get to see this intriguing multi-touch table designed by NYU's Jefferson Han)

Oh, and - been listening to this group over, and over, and over, for the last week (no, they're not from the 1980s):

The Knife: "You Take My Breath Away"


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