21 March 2007

Bed of Nails

It looks as if I'm not beyond the, "Golly, I just saw the coolest video" stage of life, even in my 30s. Nine Inch Nails has this video in which... aw heck, just watch a couple minutes of it. It features those novelty nails-in-a-box things. [Quicktime]

If you actually are a fan, you might like a few instrumental recordings like the rehearsal footage of "Just Like You Imagined." (If you've never heard it before, they play the actual song in the middle of the clip.) Or this performance of "Something I can never have (still)."

Ok, that's melodramatic even for me right now, on a couch web-browsing. Do these guys ever wake up happy, faced with the chore of needing to get good and depressed for a studio session? Like, "Hey Trent, did you hear the one about the guy who..." blah, blah, telling jokes, and laughing, and having a great lunch somewhere, and then all, "Oh, man, dummy up. Act really depressed, we gotta record 'Something I can never have' for that DVD," like actors who giggle between dramatic takes. Or perhaps they're just down in the dumps for a bit. Like 10 years.

minerva> finger cunjena
Do college kids still use the "finger" command at Linux computer terminals to stalk (I mean) find friends the way we did in 1994? A story about the guy who wrote finger. [CNet]

Nothing 'til he talks! Want some coffee? Nothing 'til he talks!
How Police Interrogation Works.

Changing your OS X Shell to bash
At MacDevCenter.com.

Puzzles, or Animals in a Pond
Was reading Strogaz' nonlinear dynamics book - has an exercise along the lines of, "There is a circular pond with a duck swimming counterclockwise around the circumference. A dog is in the center. The dog chases the duck. It always heads towards the duck." If the dog is K times as fast as the duck, in what circumstances will he catch it? Turns out that although you can answer that question, you can't answer the seemingly easier question of "draw me the path the dog makes in time" if the dog and duck go the same speed unless you simulate it second by second. Here's an MIT problem set handout on it [PDF, see pp 2-6].

Of probably more interest to my puzzle-friends, my Googling about the above coughed up this page of various "puzzle hints" from a guy named Paul Hsieh.

A Bit That's Actually Funny!
In The New Yorker: what kids imagine the grown-ups are saying at dinner.

A Bit That's Actually Funny (and more tolerably so, if you went to Yale, and even more so if you care about the YPMB)
The Sousaphones of Wangoon (Excerpt)

Story of a Job Offer You Can't Refuse
What it must have felt like, and...

[c'mon, read it before continuing]

...photos of it from one of the job candidates. (I don't know, to me it feels over-produced and gimmicky. But the other bloggers were impressed.)


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