13 March 2007

Marketing, learning robots, and genes-to-go

Improve Your Marketing Skills
Recommended reading list about marketing, from Seth Godin.

Holy smokes! Simple robots that learn how to move... even if you chop limbs off
From the "that's so life-like, it's eerie" department: Cornell's Hod Lipson strikes again. (YouTube video: "Resilient Machines Through Continuous Self-Modeling")

Prof. Lipson's list of articles that he recommends to people interested in mechano-software systems that "evolve."

Thinking Twice About...
...blogging about your children (CNET.com)

Web 2.0 Stuff I Don't Use, But Everyone Else Does
Perhaps Del.icio.us could keep track of the things I'd find on Digg, but am too busy seeing blow-by-blow descriptions of where my friends are on Twitter so I could talk to them on meebo.

Click Here to Order Genes
Codon Devices, a firm that fabricates custom DNA for researchers, has an "Order Genes" button on their website. Okay, now the future has arrived.

While we're at it, I hear that David Shechner will be giving a brief talk for the scientifically-interested public at the Boston Museum of Science about the potential origins of life, and his work in that area. It's called "Evolution in a test tube," but his Blumian working title is "Are you there God? It's me, Darwin."


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