19 March 2007

My new food nemesis, the Metaweb, and...

Esther Dyson on Danny Hillis's Metaweb / Freebase project to "represent the world in a way that can be understood by computers as well as by people."

The winner for best grad student funk band name goes to...
The Max Funk Institut! Check out their funkified Zarathustra ("Also Funk/Rave in the Autoclave" [mp3]). Yes, this must be Dave Shechner week.

Airplane Last Words (don't click on this, DB)
A disturbing collection of transcripts and recordings from numerous plane crashes: "last words."

Science Fairs are Coming
Visit or maybe even judge one of the upcoming Massachusetts science fairs, like the Region IV (based in Somerville) or the all-state MIT pre-ISEF event. Ah, where is that dorky photo of me at the 1989 NJRSF?

What Creative People Have on Their Desks
Many photos at www.on-my-desk.blogspot.com.

Move Over, Rachel Ray, here's Bobby Flay
I admit to having an immature and quite-strong dislike of various TV personalities. However, celebrity chef Bobby Flay is most irksome. I am relieved to find I'm not the only person who feels this way about Mr. Flay.

Let's Make up for that with something Highly Intellectual
Happy Belated "Pi Day" (3/14), for those who missed it. Gosh, that reminds me that one of the first web pages we discovered in school (you know, where the machines were auto-loaded with Mosaic) was Eve Anderson's chanting-digits-of-Pi page. Some version of that still remains. Hey, looks like I wasn't the only one: here's "The Legacy of Eve Andersson" at kuro5hin.org, which proposes that Eve's page was the first blog.

From the Sick Bay near Boston, Mass,

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