05 April 2007

Art-videos and other things to click on when you should be doing something productive

Hi -

Now that we've explored what books are in our home libraries and made all manner of pinhole cameras, what's next? Here is some new-ish video-art to while away the time while you figure it out.

Several Weird Things to Watch

J-Fav used to cringe when I played this. "Why do you like such desolate stuff? Are you okay?" Music video, "New Family," by Plaid.

Performance artist Laurie Anderson's piece: "National Anthem."

A classic David Byrne self-intervew.

New stuff at Pleix! My older favorites are Netlag and Futureshock's Pride's Paranoia.

Odd Comics?

A most unusual comic strip, "The Perry Bible Fellowship."

I still quite enjoy the half-nerdy/half-sentimental xkcd... and, evidently, there will be a meetup in Cambridge based on this episode.

A Softer World.

More from the Inter-tubes

Not art, but more Web 2.0 foofaraw: Dodgeball. Hey, keep track of your friends on your cellphone?

Funding for very early startups: Y Combinator. Several folks, including a few Harvard CS alums (RTM, Trevor Blackwell...) are funding startups @ $5k + N($5k), where N is the number of founders. In any case, they had a one-day "class" for startups. I thought the transcriptions were interesting, particularly what people had to say about Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and young CEO of Facebook.com.

When you ask Google for driving instructions from NY to Dublin, it instructs you to swim.

For You? Awkward Silence.
J-Fav and I laughed hard at this teaser for Viva Pinata.


ps Notes to self: Touretzky's Artificial Neural Networks course notes. Cognitive robotics. Figure out how to get this awful thing out of my head now that it's been in there several months. Chaaaaarlie!


Professor B said...

Hey G,

I've totally gotten into xkcd since you showed it to me. I must admit I am a giant geek, 'cause I typed those coordinates into google maps when I read that. I must have done something wrong, though, because it told me it was the Ellipse in D.C, and not a park in North Cambridge. That might be fun/weird/creepy to check out this fall.


Professor B said...

Hey G,

Me again - those Google directions are hilarious. I also find it interesting that it doesn't tell you to swim directly to Ireland, it had you swim to the mainland first and take the Chunnel from Calais.

It also says it will take over 29 days. Optimistic I think.


Jedediah said...

the electorial vote. must be a george bush pinata.

RLM said...

Love the Google directions! I especially love that it has you drive to Boston first, *then* jump in the ocean and swim to France. Interestingly, it does the same thing if you put in Lisbon, Portugal instead of Dublin -- has you swim to the same place in France and drive through France and Spain, even though it appears from the map that it would be a lot shorter just to swim to Portugal directly and rent a car there. :) Still, hilarious. Did you find that referred to on the web somewhere, or discover it yourself?

G-Fav said...

I found the Google Maps thing somewhere, but I can't remember. BoingBoing, maybe? Glad everyone's getting such a kick out of that.