31 May 2007

Some things to click on

Jobs / Gates Highlight Reel from "D5" Conference
Right here.

Two New Books on 3-D Technologies, or, "It's a Good Week for Wiley"
A textbook by the late Stephen Benton - holography pioneer and beloved MIT educator - and V. Michael Bove of the Media Lab is now available through Wiley: Holographic Imaging.

A new book by Barry Blundell presents an extensive history of volumetric 3-D displays - an incredible treasure trove of articles, photographs, and patent references: Enhanced Visualization: Making Space for 3-D Images.

Graphic Design
New website, with portfolio, of British design firm Wink. For some reason I thought this'd appeal to Flavia, not sure why. And "This Ain't No Disco" is a blog dedicated to posting photographs of the interiors of design firms!

Horrific Ice Cream
This is funny in an unsettling kind of way.

Not Becoming an Irritating Yuppie
A brief essay by Waiter.

Four Categories of Marketing Persuasion
...by Seth Godin

Google Maps - Zooming in on Your Home's Window? ("They're spying on my cat!")
Yes, as you've probably heard, Google is working with a firm that takes photos from many different angles along major streets. This really is worth clicking on and trying out. You can "swivel around" when you're viewing; look down the street, up, to the left, the right.

Confessions of a Car Salesman
An Edmunds employee goes undercover.

A Romantic Musical Interlude
"Juice & June" by Kris Delmhorst. I don't think I know anyone who doesn't have a crush on her, including J-Fav.

I Can't Resist
Here are a few photos of the 1-year-old Toby:

Hanging out at Walden Pond.

You know, chalk drawing, and stuff.

In this photo, set in idyllic Westerly, RI, I think J-Fav was just trying to get out of camera-shot. Or did Toby just tell a joke? We may never know.



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