13 June 2007

3-D cfp, and...

3-D Display Call for Papers. The SPIE / IS&T Stereoscopic Displays and Applications 2008 conference (San Jose, CA) has posted the call for papers.

- - -

Humor. If you're a techie who doesn't follow xkcd, how about this?

My author-itative wife. Congratulations, J-Fav, whose book Working With Your Faculty (for principals) was released tonight at a party in Boston.

You have died of dysentery. Apple ][ users: the story of the classic computer game Oregon Trail.

Ignoring Others' Faults. John Maeda's "The De-Fault is to Accept Fault."

Unconference. "How to run a great unconference session," a blog post by Scott Berkun regarding the current wave of free-form technical conference sessions.

Movie. I really enjoyed the Grindhouse low-budget-flick-parody double feature. Just as the Boston Globe review suggested, if you buy into the premise of the trailer, you'll dig the movie.

Time Travel. V-Fav points us to this article about a University of Washington researcher who is receiving public donations to fund his time-travel physics research.

Learning Lambda Calculus with Paper Cutouts. Alligator untyped lambda calculus, which I found through tahnan's blog.

Out-pretensing the pretentious. "Flavia" points us to a funny webpage that ranks NYTimes wedding announcements by prevalence of snobby phrases (scroll down).

And an invitation to you, dear reader. Please feel free to say "hi!" in that comment section down there.



Anonymous said...

hi, g-fav!!


GEB said...

Hiya, g-fav.

Schools alone ain't gonna do it:
We never thought about sending in a NYT wedding announcement because I didn't know about that cultural phenomenon before we got married (which in itself is probably worth -50 points). But trying to tally our points now, we were inching up wards in the ranks with our various degrees, then skyrocketing to the top with our Benjamin Franklin and (ahem) Richard Nixon ancestry, only to come bumping down again with my obstinance about my last name and New Jersey roots. What an embarrassment to my husband.

Anonymous said...

Haw! We get 11 points. Clearly nowhere near enough. So much for my socialite aspirations.


G-Fav said...

Hey, hi there, everyone!


Jay said...

Congrats to J-Fav!

Oh, and Happy 1st Father's Day!

T-Fav must be gettin' big.