20 June 2007

A Frivolous Update

I hope you all had a good weekend. Wait, it's Wednesday night already. In any case, the Cunningham/Favaloras had fun at the Charles River Festival and watching friends play softball on Father's Day.

Here are some interesting or frivolous links that have accumulated in my "read later" folder for your enjoyment.

Pixelized Tie. The 8-bit pixel tie, available at Think Geek.
Technical Illustration by Meg Stalcup.
Double Pendulum animation (click on the dots to move the links.)
Living an Extraordinary Life. The Handel Group enables executives to solve organizational issues by drilling down into fundamental problems of emotion, personality, and vice. MIT IAP course. (Thanks, for the link - you know who you are.)
Incredible Machine Art, from what might be the first inkjet printer, by 1970s artist Anton Perich.
Apple //e Animation. Prof. B and (boingboing?) link to this YouTube video of stop-animation footage meticulously done with an Apple //e.
World's Most Important 6-second drum loop. BB points us to this audio documentary of a drum loop you've probably heard.

And, last but not least,

Q3 is HUGE!!! Get a load of this post on Wubbahed's blog. (Also, take the time to check out the links to his photography.)


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RLM said...

I love the 8-bit tie!!! Have you ordered one?