26 June 2007

It's, like, 800 degrees in Boston

Extra! Extra!

Joseph Cornell Retrospective. "The first major retrospective... in 26 years" at the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, MA. See the works of Joseph Cornell, "one of America's most innovative modern artists, known for his distinctive box sculptures, collages and experimental films..."

I really apologize for not having, you know, all sorts of wonderful scientific insights to share on this blog. Ever. It's just hard to think while objects are busily melting outside our steamy New England windows lately.

Contraptions. In the meantime, I invite - no, implore - you to watch the most amazing Rube Goldberg device I've ever seen.

Zork. Okay, here's something vaguely technical. June is the month of Zork! Yes, "Your Greatest Challenge Lies Ahead - and Downwards." Here is a brief history, with photos, of the game. And a link to a site where you can play Zork I!

"Holographic" Sound. I thought this was pretty incredible. Go to this (Spanish) site, plug in headphones (required!), and click on the little sound link in the middle of the blog post. It's very good stereo sound -- give it a few minutes. I guess they're calling it holographic sound. I don't think it'll work without headphones. It's a cheesy scene where you go to a barbershop; at one point, they put a plastic bag over your head that I felt was really effective.



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Anonymous said...

Hi Greg,

Have you seen the Rube Goldberg machines from the Japanese kids' show "Pythagoras Switch" (pitagora suichi)?


-Ben M

G-Fav said...

Yo Ben - That's cool!