10 June 2007

mean free path

Hello from recently hot and humid Boston -

J-Fav and T-Fav have been away for the past several days, leaving me to bounce around the house like a... like a... gas molecule, or something. I don't know. As a pretty strong introvert, I usually need to have a day a week to myself to recharge. But this time reminded me of - what was that, "The Bicycle Thief"? - where I keep seeing dads with their 1-year olds everywhere I go, making me miss Toby even more. Well, he'll be back in a matter of hours, as will that mom of his. (I'm INTJ, evidently. Take the test yourself.)

So in the meantime? I have ingested large volumes of caffeine, hung out with "Prof. B.," gotten into The Diamond Age (Neal Stephenson), learned that The Diesel actually has available seating in the summertime now that the laptop squatters have depleted, discovered how weird Eddie becomes when he's lonely, bought a single bottle of Corona to make mussels-steamed-in-beer some evening this week, wrote an executive summary of our business plan and reviewed one for a friend, confirmed that the best meal at Blue Ribbon Barbeque is their pulled-pork burrito, watched many episodes of The Family Guy, and most gastronomically-impressive of all, finished off a three-plater experience at Jade Garden. And this was between Friday and Saturday night.


Please excuse the following nearly-science-free list of things to click on:

Speaking of the Family Guy
(Damn you, "Bert," for introducing me to that!) If any of you have Season 1 on DVD, "Brian in Love" is the funniest episode I've seen so far.

An Incredible Technology Demo
Microsoft's "Seadragon" technology pulls off many technical feats, including: (1) ultra-smooth zooming in and out of absolutely gigantic image data sets, and (2) -- get this -- examines images from Flickr, say "Notre Dame," and builds a three-dimensional model of the cathedral using computer vision algorithms. It is a must-see.

Letter from Nigeria. Ze Frank.

Seth Godin, "It's Always Like This."

Twitter. "In Defense of Twitter," on CNet News.

Trent Reznor performing "Non-entity."

What does a cat see all day? Check out the CatCam.

10 Simple Ways to Save Yourself Messing Up Your Life. At The Best Article Every Day.

The White Stripes - Icky Thump. Megan Martha White makes it look so easy... Like I read in the (cassette) liner notes for some harpsichordist when I was around 10, music really is the white between the notes. It is heretic to think she has some of the best rock groove since Bonham?

Love Reign O'er Me. Pearl Jam's cover of this great song is in heavy rotation on the radio now. Here's The Who singing it live, back in '96. I first heard this in 6th grade, maybe, when my friend Matt Schapiro lent me his tape of Quadrophenia. For some reason I carried around the sheet music in my bookbag in senior year; hearing it brings back the smell of dusty West Orange High hallways, lockers, and band rehearsals. Weird how our memory works, huh?

Oh my goodness, it's 2 am.


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Anonymous said...

that was a fun post. lots of juicy links. i'm enfj, which when i think about the differences between you and me, sounds about right. interestingly, i think i've spent the last ten years moving from entj to enfj. that solid grounding in T makes a big difference, i think.