21 July 2007


Have any of you ever gone geocaching?

J-Fav got us a portable Garmin eTrex Legend GPS for our... ah... dating anniversary... so that we could go out with Toby to try to find stuff that's been hidden. She figured it would key off my reliance on GPSes with her desire to actually get out of the house.

If you've ever done this, or have suggestions on a particular geocache around here that's somehow miraculously stroller-compatible, please comment.


ps Just finished Perrotta's Little Children, a suburban dystopia / summer-reading novel. [amazon.com] I liked it! I admit that I'm a slow and infrequent reader (I tend to browse nonfiction technical reference books more than actually, you know, reading something) - but J-Fav handed this one to me & nearly finished it in a single Amtrak business trip the other day. Actually, I noted two paragraphs I thought I'd share. The first because I just liked it. The other because I thought "Ted" would enjoy knowing that I didn't understand a word of it.

(p. 185)
Her first stop was Starbucks, a journey back in time she preferred to avoid whenever possible. For years after she stopped working there, just a glimpse of that tasteful beige-and-maroon interior -- the bags of featured coffee, the shelves full of upscale accessories, the customers lined up like addicts at a yuppie methadone clinic -- could throw off her whole day, stirring up a sediment of bad memories that otherwise lay dormant in her mental attic, covered by several protective layers of dust. (She used to feel the same way about her old high school, devising all sorts of elaborate detours to keep from having to lay eyes on it.) But she'd slept badly and was suffering from a low-level headache that only a serious dose of caffeine could cure.

(I love that "yuppie methadone clinic" thing. Anyway, for "Ted"'s amusement, this clip from p. 283:)
With nothing to lose, the Guardians went for broke on first down. Todd faked a handoff to Bart and lofted a bomb down the left sideline, overthrowing a wide-open DeWayne by a heartbreaking couple of inches. On second down, he completed a quick slant pass for a pickup of five. The Controllers blitzed on third down, forcing him to throw the ball away to avoid a sack.

yeah... Anyway, back to where I was in The Diamond Age: Or, a Young Lady's Illustrated Primer.

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Betsy Willard said...

Hey, have you seen the movie of Little Children? I just watched it the other night--very good. Ends a bit differently from the book, though.