29 July 2007


"Pownce" : Yet Another Social Networking Site
Yawn. I mean, isn't this photo enough to prevent you from being another one of the folks salivating over more of this stuff? I wish there was a "Web 2.0 antidote site" that decreased my irritation over these new-bubble sites. Hah, hah -- here's a snarky post, "Facebook Bankruptcy," from a pendulum swinging the other way.

America's Top Ten Seafood Shacks
An article at Epicurious.

A: It's Like Jumping into another Circle in the Venn Diagram
(Q: How has your television-watching experience changed since becoming a parent?) Sesame Street's Alan Muraoka, contemporary proprietor of Mr. Hooper's.

Songs for Ice Cream Trucks
Article from BoingBoing, including links to "why do ice cream trucks play the songs they do?" and pieces from an artist writing specifically for ice cream trucks. Should I be concerned that I find this compelling?

Letters, Brochures, and Email
...insight from Seth Godin on their (marketing) differences.

Old man, take a look at my life, I'm a lot like you, except you have weirder hobbies
Found this funny piece @ Heaneyland! while searching for Neil Young's name, whose song has been lodged in my head all day. Speaking of Ohrwurms, The Animators have unfortunately disbanded. Now I have no one to yell at when "Nice Guy" and "Medicine" thumb their little 16th-note noses at me while lodged in a neural infinite loop, unless Devon's using Noank to subliminally influence us all. Mua-hah-hah-hah!

Hey, Nintendo DS and Wii Owners
I play perhaps 1 hour of video games every two weeks. Do you agree with various reviews that suggest we check out Kororinpa: Marble Mania (Wii) and Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass (DS)?

The Penicillin Method. So that's why our dining room table has been spotless.
"The new age of ignorance," [The Observer].
People Playing Chess on Roller Coasters [XKCD]. Anyone going to the September Meetup in Cambridge, MA?

(shakes arms rapidly as if shedding off water) - That's it, enough computer time.



Professor B said...

Hey G,

I have been anxiously (well, maybe not *that* anxiously) awaiting the DS Zelda title since I found out about it like a year ago when you sold me on having a DS. Something about the Zelda games is like recapturing childhood, and I am excited to see if the stylus-driven input is fun or wacky. I am also patiently waiting until someone writes a really kick-butt lightsaber title before being convinced to buy a Wii.

I am considering going to the XKCD meetup in September, if I'm around that weekend. Let me know if you're going.

Sir Black Maggot said...

(1) What timing: two days after I've finally been coerced into joining Facebook. I'm always behind the curve.

(2) I was at the Clam Box in Ipswich once, a shocking number of years ago, after a company jaunt to the Audobon reserve up thataway. It was very good. If I remember correctly, I believe I had fried seafood. Even now I'm concocting a scheme to go see what the deal is at the Swan Oyster Depot. Yelp likes it. (Polk St. has many interesting things, like a first class doughnut shop practically next door, and just a few blocks south it's real easy to find a hooker.)

(3) Too bad about the Animators, but if that frees up Alex Wong to keep playing percussion for Vienna Teng, I'm all for it. He rocked at the Palace of Fine Arts back in May.

G-Fav said...

Prof. B. - I'll let you know. I woudn't miss work for it, but if it's on a weekend I might stop by. Half of me is expecting the "Simpsons comic book store guy" and the other half is expecting... me.

Sir Maggot - I re-read that "bankrupt" post again, and one of the posts into it, & found quite a few people are following every move of that guy. At least someone's posting about it. (2) I vote heartily for the Clam Box, which in my opinion is much better than Woodman's of Essex, the place that gets all the attention. J-Fav prefers Woodman's outdoor setting, though.