26 August 2007

Like Jeopardy!, but for MBAs

Quick! MRK! Did you catch Fast Money MBA Challenge on CNBC? They pitted some top business schools against each other to answer business trivia questions in competition for $200k. J-Fav and I caught the Yale SOM / Texas finals... I never thought I'd see a TV show with a lightning round of "name that stock ticker!". (show link)

iPhone Hacked by George Hotz, the NJ high school senior (actually, he's starting college now) and team. With 2 hours of hardware mods, you can use the iPhone with any carrier. Previously, he hacked the TI DMD and built a volumetric 3-D display for the ISEF science fair. Here's the WikiPedia page.

Posting's light today, as we've spent the last few weeks visiting with many friends from near and far. This eventually brought me to the Foxwoods casino, and - well - long story short, I leave you with this analysis of betting systems and the Martingale.


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