13 August 2007

Postsecret, Finances, and...

Hi -

In my bookmark "heavy rotation list," you'll find Postsecret, the Sunday-updated site of anonymous and creatively-presented confessions. This week, the artist/curator set them to music.

You're now in the proper frame of mind to spent some time with the photography of Kevin Bewersdorf. Remember to pay attention to his photo-titles, as well. For some reason, I bookmarked "The Most Beautiful Suburban Phenomenon" and "Every Tier of Development." Kevin was part of the indie film LOL, whose musical score you might want to browse - such as "My Heart Still Beats." Of course, there's also his essay, "Art School Made Me an Asshole."

Here is the original video for the Postsecret video -- Sia's "Breathe Me."


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