01 August 2007

Synthetic Biology

Or, "The Day they Wheeled Test Tubes and Various Chemicals into an Electronics Lab"
The famous Knight Lab at MIT/CSAIL. Even if you aren't into the notion of engineering systems out of biological substances, you might enjoy the video tour of this MIT lab. I happened to be visiting back in 1998 (or thereabouts) when his EECS lab was quietly but quickly being transformed into a biotech hack-zone. I was checking out a tiled projector system when, in the background, I could hear a cart loaded with test tubes rolling by. (For you non-engineers, that's like dining at a quiet French restaurant and being interrupted by a battalion of Brazilian BBQ servers presenting meat on swords. The two just don't co-exist.)

"Meditation: Beat Insomnia with Blue Energy" [Lifehacker.com]

Like People magazine for the Silicon Valley / Web 2.0 Crowd
Valleywag, Silicon Valley's Tech Gossip Rag.

Google Keeps Track of Scholarly Works
Yeah, you knew this already, but it's fun: www.google.com/scholar. (Say, Prof. B., you are oft-cited!)

Yikes, I just polished off an entire box of "Nerds" (the box says "View in 3-D", with the little cartoon Nerds wearing anaglyph 3-D glasses???) and half a bag of Haribo Raspberries. I fear I'll see 3am.

Wish me luck.


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sir black maggot said...

If I may take just a moment for unseemly indirect self-promotion, I'd like to point out that an awful lot of those Google Scholar search results are served up, piping hot, by HighWire Press, purveyor of fine scientific online publications and employer of yours truly. (Well, okay, not as many in, like, optics or computer science or stuff. But hey, we've got tons of medical and biological journals.) Why, we even have our own search feature, which is way cooler than Google because WE HAVE JOURNAL COVERS. Check it out.