25 September 2007

CSI:maybe ... & MacArthur "Genius" Grants

Perspecta Display (may be) in CSI:NY Season 4
Hooray, set your TiVos to 10pm ET this Wednesday on CBS. Our Perspecta 3-D Display may appear in the season premiere of CSI:NY. Will Gary Sinise gaze into it to consider the remains of someone dead? Will it be a mystical crystal ball used by a fortune teller? Will its domed essence be left aside in favor of a car commercial?

I hope these questions and more will be answered Wednesday night.

[Update: Yeah! The Perspecta 3D Display appeared in CSI:NY, and it looks like it made it into the episode opening credits, too.]

From the Must... Try... Harder... Department
The MacArthur Foundation announced the 2007 "genius grant" recipients, $500,000 for completely unrestricted use that goes to artists, psychologists, historians, inventors, scientists... There is a summary CNN story as well as the Foundation's link with all awards. (Hey, it includes HowToons / Squid Labs' Saul Griffith.)

Past winners include Thomas Pynchon, David Foster Wallace, Ornette Colman, Max Roach, John Hollander, Harold Bloom, Jim Blinn, Karl Sims, Stephen Wolfram, Stuart Kauffman, Lene Hau...

Get to work, people! :-)


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RLM said...

Watching CSI:NY now (yes, it's 1am -- so?) and I was so excited to see Perspecta! You can even read that it says "Perspecta" on the label on the base, if you freeze-frame. I thought I spotted it in the opening credits but I wasn't sure, and I hoped that wouldn't be its only appearance. So now that I'm about 17-18 minutes into the hour, it was awesome to see it featured.

You are a rock star! :)