02 September 2007

Favalora / Cunningham Family Website

Note to friends & family:
Jennifer Cunningham, Gregg Favalora, and Toby have an updated family website at www.greggandjenny.com. Please comment if you find errors or oddities (or otherwise!).

Note to do-it-yourself webnerds:
I made the site with Apple iWeb, an ostensibly good-natured site design tool that unfortunately prevented me from changing things as basic as, say, the color of hyperlinked text or the HTML-ized title of a page. You can't view or edit the underlying HTML. The details were as frightful as watching sausage getting made, but we finally went live after using iWeb, Cyberduck, and Textwrangler.

  • "How to Find Time For Yourself." [Lifehack]
  • McSweeney's lists: "Freudian Notes My Hasty Doctor Wrote in My Medical Chart" [here], and "Past and Future Magazine Titles That Map Our Intellectual Decline" [here].
  • Want to visit a peaceful trail in Lincoln, MA? How about a calm grassy area for quiet contemplation? (Yes, more geocaching this weekend.)
  • New CEO for Ambient Devices [from Innovation Economy]
  • Holographic Microtext (spatially multiplexing many pages of information in a single hologram) [discussion at Holography Forum]


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