18 September 2007

The Timbre of our 30-something Subconscious

A post for Matthias and Brandon

If you were born in the 70s, these video clips might trigger some memories. I post them because I recall being fascinated with the sound editing of these PBS films back in 1st grade. In my opinion, sounds are just as able to "bring you back" to a time period as a color palette is (e.g., the way Polaroids make you think "this is seedy!" or Technicolor makes you think, "Hey, is this 1965?")

The Inside|Out series taught kids how to be introspective and considerate. I recall that each episode had a brief 2-second long high-pitched tone that would sound during psychodramatic freeze frames. Why on earth did I remember something I saw as a seven-year old?

If any of this resonates with you, check out the band Boards of Canada. Their songs are composed of so-called found sounds.

  • "Inside Out" Bully Part 1 (tell me you don't remember this!) The theme music is so deeply rooted in my brain that my spine practically gets goosebumps. The weird tone is around 4:00.
  • Ending credits for "Thinkabout"
  • The "Thinkabout" intro with the kid's glowing silhouette
  • A video history of several years of the PBS logo (was I the only person slightly freaked out by that P-Head thing?)
  • Opening credits of "Big Blue Marble"
  • Mark, Trini, and Lisa on "3-2-1 Contact"
  • Fine, here you go: "Great Space Coaster"
Ah, those synthesizers of our youth.


ps Here's a Boards of Canada video for you. It's all about the tone color.

If that floats your boat, try this and this.

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tritisan said...

I don't remember the Think About show (even though I was born in '69). But the introductory section really reminds me of the "educational" Dr. Hanzo films in LOST.

Thanx for posting that Boards of Canada vid. I've never seen it, though I've loved their music for a long time now.