01 September 2007


Sharing iPhoto Pictures Easily
Have a Mac, using iPhoto? Just install the Picasa Web Albums software plug-in for iPhoto. Assuming you have a gmail account, throw the photos you want to share into an album, then do "Export" to Picasa. Done! No more waiting around for Shutterfly or Snapfish or whatever.

What We Did On Our Summer Vacation
After 10 years of taking vacation in only the rarest circumstances, I'm finally teaching myself how to take some time off with family. We took a week to visit friends from near-and-far: visited with Flavia, BC, and JS; saw EB at Old Orchard Beach; and after spinning through Schuylerville (er... Victory Mills), we headed to a cozy place in green, friendly, earthy Warren, VT which a friend had generously allowed us to bunk at.

I don't know how to condense our experiences into a pithy description. Our many hundreds of miles of driving this week led us to neighborhood cafes, up and down dangerous craggy unpaved mountain roads through cloud cover, and gazing at breathtaking views from tall hills and off riverbeds. We saw covered bridges, outdoor flatbread-eatery, (many!) bikers, the towns of Warren, Waitsfield, Montpelier, Stowe, and several in-between, and even the fellow who did our wedding photography -- who graciously introduced us to the founders of Diffraction, Ltd., a very accomplished couple who have invented many things in the field of holography and micro-optics: Bill Parker and Julie Walker. (Plasma touch-globes adorned their offices, as Bill invented it!) Hopefully you optics-folk will enjoy the company's name.

Geocaching Galore
Take it from a professed stick-in-the-mud: get yourself a little GPS, log in to www.geocaching.org, and have yourself some fun already. This week, we found (really, J-Fav found) these. The links go to Google maps; just click "hybrid" for the satellite view.

  • GC14N9R, "CJ and Arianna's Scenic Stop," at an extraordinary mountaintop view (a microcache hidden in an unlikely place)
  • GCRTX0, "Lost and Found," hidden at (under) one of a series of old, covered bridges
  • GCZJ4B, "Quick Cache 7," at a commuter stop off a highway somewhere, in full view of many curious onlookers what on earth a couple & toddler were doing near a drainage ditch smiling goofily.
Just click on the "Hide and Seek a Cache" in the menu on the left.

Alright, to the photos already.

Vermont 2007


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