20 September 2007

xkcd Meetup / Scientific American

Hello -

Just three things today.

xkcd Meetup this Sunday
If you are a reader of the romantic / nerdy / scientific webcomic xkcd, you probably know already that a gaggle of folks will be decending upon a tiny playground in Cambridge, MA at the location and time specified in one of the comics. If you "mouseover" a comic, additional text pops up. One of our office favorites is: about a cat. I have Tahnan to thank for pointing me to it, originally for a linguistics jab.

The discussion area with details about the meetup is here. (Look at the first post of the first "sticky" conversation.)

I think I'll be there. Is this weird?

I Broke My Rule

Arr! I broke my longstanding rule against buying magazines (since, usually, they are only a good way to throw away $5.) But I fell off the wagon today to buy a copy of Scientific American Reports: Special Edition on Nanotechnology. It looks pretty good! Keep an eagle eye out at those bookstores.

Frequency vs. Wavelength
This is an example of how not to assess kids' knowledge about science!


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RLM said...

I don't think it's weird to want to be at the xkcd meetup on Sunday. *I* kind of want to go, and I don't even read the comic regularly. (The strip that gave the coordinates, however, really grabbed me -- it's haunting, somehow.) What if something amazing actually happens there at that time? You'd hate to miss it.

Then again, if you read some of the posts in that forum you linked to, it sounds like there will be some VERY WEIRD people there. So I don't know.