01 October 2007

"For the next problem, set your calculator to maths."

Hello, dear reader,

I wouldn't have guessed a few years ago that the blog I initiated to share little pointers to various technical nuggets of interest would become, well, a storefront for the comically absurd. In keeping with our absurdist tradition, then, I point you to something mentioned on BoingBoing, and for which I am much happier after viewing.

"Look Around You" is an utterly brilliant set of quite deadpan spoofs of 1970s science educational programs. I laughed so hard that the computer almost fell on the floor. The background music, the titles, the constrained design, the Technicolor color palette, the narrator -- they nailed it.

"What?" you say, "It's 10 minutes long?" Yes. 10 minutes. Sure, you could instead be making 3 1/2 bags of microwave popcorn in that time. But does popcorn make you laugh?

Look Around You 1 - Maths

Look Around You - Brain

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Anonymous said...

I have determined that the episode "Sulfur" is even funnier. Here.


RLM said...


The Internet is amazing.